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Welcome to the Official Prosper Blog

by Prosper on 12/5/07

Welcome to the new Prosper Blog.

We’ll be using this blog to create a place to find up-to-the-minute news on the latest Prosper enhancements, enlightening and thoughtful Personal Finance opinions, touching Prosper Member Stories, and more. Your contributions are welcome. Please feel free to submit comments to any of the blog posts or send new articles and ideas to us at blog @ prosper.com (please remove spaces before using this email address) or submit a guest post.

We’ll be adding in posts regularly, so please stop back in again soon.



  • Susan A.

    I think this is a great idea. From a site that connects people to each other, it’s nice to be connected to the big wigs doing it through this blog format.

  • http://prosper.com HotTamale122

    Looking forward to getting inside Prosper’s head. Cheers to the launch!

  • bmoney


    Great job – this is so informative and educational, at same time helps invest wisely.
    I like articles on history of lending and economy – very informative. hopefully we will have many more like these.

  • Suzi Q

    Congratulations, Prosper!
    The new blog is informative and very attractive. I am impressed.

  • http://genxfinance.com Jeremy

    Way to go on the blog, glad to see if finally launched. I look forward to all of the great articles that are sure to follow.

  • http://thebankwatch.com Colin

    Congrats on the blog coming out, and the “Cathedral’ post is a classic that everyone interested in the new economy, ought to read.

  • http://www.stanweb.com stan

    Love the new blog.

  • http://www.cricketsoda.com Levi Blackman

    The new blog looks fantastic…plus I love hearing some of the opinions of fellow Prosper members.

    Speaking of, are we allowed to submit articles for review to be posted to the blog? I would be interested!

  • http://prosper Ron

    As a new lender over the past two weeks I have been wondering why Prosper did not have a blog onsite. I have been meaning to call in with this suggestion, when I just now found this newly created blog…great minds think alike!

  • BruinFan91

    Looking forward to more posts

  • http://www.budgetsaresexy.com budgets are sexy

    This is GREAT for a new one coming along to check this out (such as myself). Blogs are the new encyclopedias!

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