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Prosper Roundup — Let’s Bank on Each Other™ Edition

by RateLadder on 05/17/08

A few weeks ago Catherine Muriel, CMO at Prosper announced Prosper TV commercials (Prosper TV Spots) and a new slogan: Let’s bank on each other™.

NetBanker covered the story (Prosper Kicks Off Nationwide Lending with New Slogan and TV/Radio Advertising):

From a branding perspective, I think they are extremely effective, doing a good job communicating the benefits to both borrowers and lenders. And Prosper positions itself as a smart bank alternative without getting overly negative (eg. Lending Tree’s $100-million “When banks compete” campaign in the late 1990s) or going so over the top (think WaMu) [...]

One thing I’m sure of: Prosper did a great job showcasing the ads on their website, including the very Web 2.0 touch of posting “behind the scenes” videos of the TV commercials.

Here are the behind the scenes videos NetBanker is referring to: Behind the Scenes 1 and Behind the Scenes 2.

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RateLadder is a Prosper lender and has been since July, 2006.  He has a passion for p2p lending.  He owns RateLadder — My Prosper.com Journey and other P2P Lending Adventures, P2P No Bank the P2P Blog Aggregate, and ProProsper — Professional Tools for Prosper Lenders featuring SQL access to Prosper data.

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