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Easy Ways to Finance Your Next Vacation

by Prosper on 06/4/08

In the past, many people taking a vacation had to rely on their credit cards for their expenses. Everything from airfare to souvenirs goes on your card and pretty soon, you’re feeling the pain of those high interest rates. As more consumers become concerned about keeping their rates low and minimizing their debt, taking a vacation has been pushed to the background. However, there are many new ways that you can easily finance your next vacation without having to worry about high interest rates. If you’re looking for a personal loan from the bank, chances are they are going to want to have it secured with collateral. This is a process that many consumers would like to avoid, but unsecured loans have been waning in popularity with banks.

A new form of lending is now available that is called p2p lending, or peer to peer. This is a brand new type of financing that is available for those with good credit. Whether you are looking for a personal loan, an unsecured loan, or you just need some money to take that next vacation, a p2p loan may be the right answer for you.

The process of getting a personal loan from Prosper is incredibly easy. Once you’ve set up your account, you post your loan request, the amount and the interest rate you’re willing to pay. Lenders will bid on your request, and you’ll get to pick the one that has the best terms. If you need a larger amount, you may even have several lenders that are willing to go in with each other to meet your needs.

It’s important to blow off steam and many of us rely on our yearly vacations to kick back and have fun. However, with rising gas prices, travel options have been scaled back and many people are deciding to stay home. With a personal loan from p2p lenders, you’ll have the freedom to take that vacation you need without having to worry about paying high interest rates, or dealing with loan terms that are not to your liking.

The entire process of getting a p2p loan is actually quite quick. For those taking a vacation on the spur of the moment, or for those that may need to get money quickly for an unexpected emergency, these fast online loans make quite a difference. Traditional lending can take weeks to close, where as these p2p loans move much more quickly. This allows consumers the freedom to get a quick decision instead of having to wait weeks to hear back from the bank. This has greatly simplified and streamlined the process of getting a new loan.

Personal loans have been revolutionized thanks to the concept of p2p lending and Prosper is the leader when it comes to providing the best access to lenders from around the country. Don’t skip your vacation this year! Go with an easier way to finance it and go have fun.

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One Response

Chrisfs | June 5th, 2008 at 10:15 am

While I think you should strongly look at your financial situation before borrowing to pay for a vacation (saving before hand over time, if possible, is the best means of funding). A Prosper has the advantage over credit cards of being a fixed amount of money, so that you know how much you have to spend and would be less tempted to go over that. Prosper’s no pre payment penalty means you can pay back anything you don’t spend immediately. But I, personally would never borrow than I could pay back over a few months time. I want vacation memories that last a long time but not payments

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