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What’s New On Prosper: My Account Investing Summary

by Prosper on 07/31/09

We have redesigned the My Account Investing Summary page to provide more information about a Lender’s activity on Prosper. The new page is divided into five main sections:

Cash Summary — This is a reconciliation of your cash activity and shows your current cash balance and the funds you have available for bidding.

Note Status Summary — The balance and status of your active notes, as well as the final status of inactive notes.

Active Bids — The number, dollars and status of your current bids.

Performance Summary — Your aggregate gain or loss for all of your investing activity to date.

Note Acquisition Summary — This shows information about your notes at the time you acquired them.

As always we encourage input from our community of Lenders to ensure we continue to improve the lending experience on Prosper.

  • BigCowboy

    Wow! The new Account Investing Summary does everything right! Thanks!

    - BigCowboy

  • cthulu

    Definitely better, thanks Prosper! I’d like it more if it also included realized roic, but it’s pretty decent now.

  • Michael

    What happened to this summary page? I’m able to see less information than ever and there is no link to a performance summary.

    Is there anywhere that I can look to see how much money I’ve lost over time?

    I find it frustrating that during this long period during which I have been unexpectedly unable to invest while my performance has declined, I am able to access less and less information about my own account or even find a link to email anyone with a question.

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