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Prosper receives investment in company

by Prosper on 11/10/09

We are pleased to inform our community that Nigel W. Morris, Co-Founder of Capital One, has joined Prosper’s Board of Directors and his venture capital firm, QED Investors, has invested in the company.

By way of background,  Nigel Morris co-founded Capital One in the early 1990’s, and during his ten-year tenure, Capital One’s customer base grew to over 40 million, managed loans increased to more than $70 billion and the company emerged as one of the top seven issuers of MasterCard and Visa credit cards in the world.

Mr. Morris is currently the managing partner of QED Investors, a direct investment fund focused on high-growth companies that leverage the power of data strategies.  In addition, he works in an advisory capacity with General Atlantic Partners, Columbia Capital, and Oliver Wyman.  He also serves on the board of The Economist Group, London Business School, and Venture Philanthropy Partners.

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