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How much can little sacrifices earn you? A lot, beginning with a cash prize…

by Prosper on 03/10/10

Prosper is partnering with personal finance bloggers Budgets Are Sexy and Well-Heeled to open a dialogue with consumers about how they are saving money – even very small amounts – and small changes they are making to help reach their financial goals.

Just in time for Lent, when people are giving up something small for 40 days, we wanted to bring light to the big impact little changes can make to your budget. As an incentive to talk about those financial goals, Prosper.com is hosting a $300 prize giveaway with each Budgets Are Sexy and Well-Heeled to kick start readers in reaching their financial goals.

Well-Heeled is a personal finance blog on savvy living that explores topics at the intersection of life and money, such as retirement planning, money in relationships and consumer behavior. You can read about and enter the Well-Heeled giveaway here.

Budgets Are Sexy is a personal finance blog that “won’t put you to sleep” and covers topics like smart saving and reducing personal debt. You can read about and enter the Budgets are Sexy prize giveaway here.

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2 Responses

Adam Stymiest | March 18th, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Prosper is a great concept. A few years ago, I would have thought it to be the best idea. This system seems to work well if you have great credit. But I think the Prosper system of rating isn’t exactly reasonable. I hit a bump in the road and was unemployeed. I have taken care of all those issue and made al the payments required. Now I hit a smaller hick-up with some unexpected serious car repairs, and with the past following me, I fin Prosper almost as frustrating to get a loan as a bank. I like the idea of people helping people. My part, I want to make you money, but I can’t do that if my loan won’t fund. This is why Prosper works for those who haven’t had past issues.

delta-kilo-7k | March 26th, 2010 at 8:43 pm

Adam, as a Prosper lender, and one that specializes in problem credit, I can tell you that the greatest frustration I have is folks that obviously need help but don’t do a proper application. I worked one today who listed employment as “other”, abbreviated Spouse to sps (for add’l income) and who actually was a pretty good applicant, but entered the listing like a text message. I’m here to try to help- not break code. If there’s any way at all to put together a loan, I try it. But sometimes, there’s just not enough to work with. If “other” is in fact the answer, the applicant needs to put the job title in the text. If there’s additional income, come right out and say it. It’s not always a barrel of laughs on our side of the table either ;-)

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