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Gartner Research: By 2013, P2P lending will soar at least 66% to $5 billion of outstanding loans

Consumers who lose their jobs can’t get loans to cover periods of unemployment; businesses that encounter trouble due to low demand can’t get credit lines to see them through to recovery. Furthermore, banks are more interested in recapitalizing than in lending. Growth in P2P lending will be driven by investors seeking higher returns and borrowers shunning (or being shunned by) banks. Gartner recommends that financial services providers investigate how to partner and collaborate in adding P2P to their existing offerings rather than building their own P2P lending networks.  Full article

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Prosper’s Media Roundup – 11/17/2009

Prosper News Updates:

November 11, 2009
Fast Company: Peer-to-Peer Lending Explained: Brother, Can You Spare $100? By Lydia Dishman

Continue reading Prosper’s Media Roundup – 11/17/2009

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Innovative Financial Startups Band Together

Ongoing economic challenges cannot be solved simply by fixing the traditional financial institutions, which proved to be opaque, fragile, and in some cases reckless. Navigating this ongoing financial crisis means embracing alternatives and new innovations that will make the country less dependent on Continue reading Innovative Financial Startups Band Together

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Refer a friend to Prosper and earn $100

We are pleased to announce a $100 Thank You Reward for every new Borrower you refer to Prosper.  The borrower simply has to apply, become fully funded and make the first payment on the loan. $100 will be deposited directly into your Prosper account for every approved Borrower you refer. Continue reading Refer a friend to Prosper and earn $100

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Prosper Lenders Are Doing A Great Job Pricing!

We are thrilled with the results from Prosper’s first two months of operations since re-launch. Lenders are really capitalizing on Prosper’s best in class rating system and auction pricing model. Continue reading Prosper Lenders Are Doing A Great Job Pricing!

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